Get Fit at Bellingham

Due to health and safety precautions and a high volume of walk-in customers, fitting appointments may only be booked over the phone.

Appointments are available from 10am to 4pm. If you’d like to make an appointment for a fitting, please call (360) 738-7101.

Bellingham Demo Days

Better golf is on its way! Brand representatives are eager to answer any questions you may have about a specific product and offer valuable advice on equipment that will provide the best conditions for your game.

COVID-19 Information:

Due to limited Phases of Business during COVID-19, the following mandatory protocols are in place:

  • Demo Day appointments must be placed over the phone – (360) 738-7101
  • Each fitting is limited to 30 minutes
  • Customers must adhere to store safety guidelines, which includes wearing a mask at all times

  • June 12th – 10am-12pm

  • June 23rd – 11am-2pm
  • July 14th – 11am-2pm

  • June 15th – 2-5pm
  • July 7th – 4-7pm

  • June 10th – 11am-2pm

  • June 16th – 11am-2pm

  • June 26th – 10am-12pm